How Practice Exam Simulator works

The Simulator provides an opportunity to evaluate your skills in the same environment as your real online exam. It allows you to customize the exam to meet your needs and accelerate your learning. You can opt to start a Full Compliance Exam or tailor your testing experience. Each question answered incorrectly will be transformed into a repetition task with the following day as the due date, enabling you to easily review concepts that are not yet familiar to you.

Full Compliance Customized Experience
Questions count6510 - 75
Limited exam timeYesAn option
Time limit90 minutes10 - 90 minutes
Exam scope4 domains with appropriate questions ratio Specify domains with appropriate questions ratio
Correct answersAfter exam submissionAfter exam submission or after question answer
Question tipNeverAn option
Reveal question domainAfter exam submissionAfter exam submission or during the exam
Scoring15 from 65 questions do not count towards the resultOfficial method or mean

Practice Exam Scope

The Practice Exam is fully compatible with the official exam scope and covers all concepts, services, and domains specified in the official exam guide.

For the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - CLF-C02 exam, the questions are categorized into one of 4 domains, which are further divided into tasks. AWS structures the questions in this way to help learners better understand exam requirements and focus more effectively on domains and tasks they find challenging. This approach aids in learning and validating preparedness before the actual exam. With the simulator, you can customize the exam scope by concentrating on specific domains.

Practice Exam Domains

Cloud Concepts

Domain 1

24% of all exam questions

  • Task 1.1 - Define the benefits of the AWS Cloud
  • Task 1.2 - Identify design principles of the AWS Cloud
  • Task 1.3 - Understand the benefits of and strategies for migration to the AWS Cloud
  • Task 1.4 - Understand concepts of cloud economics

Security and Compliance

Domain 2

30% of all exam questions

  • Task 2.1 - Understand the AWS shared responsibility model
  • Task 2.2 - Understand AWS Cloud security, governance, and compliance concepts
  • Task 2.3 - Identify AWS access management capabilities
  • Task 2.4 - Identify components and resources for security

Cloud Technology and Services

Domain 3

34% of all exam questions

  • Task 3.1 - Define methods of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
  • Task 3.2 - Define the AWS global infrastructure
  • Task 3.3 - Identify AWS compute services
  • Task 3.4 - Identify AWS database services
  • Task 3.5 - Identify AWS network services
  • Task 3.6 - Identify AWS storage services
  • Task 3.7 - Identify AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) services and analytics services
  • Task 3.8 - Identify services from other in-scope AWS service categories

Billing, Pricing, and Support

Domain 4

12% of all exam questions

  • Task 4.1 - Compare AWS pricing models
  • Task 4.2 - Understand resources for billing, budget, and cost management
  • Task 4.3 - Identify AWS technical resources and AWS Support options

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