The simulator is free to use after login. Every week, you get 100 tokens (equivalent to 100 questions) to spend on any available practice exam simulator. Each session has unique question sets generated on demand and is fully compliant with the real AWS Certification Exam.

We are 100% free from ads and CAPTCHA. We also won't ask you to provide a credit card to use the free token-based version of the simulator.

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Flexible AWS Exam Simulation

Exam or Practice

Select 'Exam Mode' to experience a simulation identical to the real AWS official exam, or Customize your practice by adjusting parameters such as exam scope, duration, number of questions, access to tips, instant answers, or the scoring algorithm.

Targeted practicing

Focus with Domain-Specific Practice

In customized practice, tailor your exam scope to specific domains to concentrate on unfamiliar areas, maximizing efficiency by not revisiting concepts you already know.

Learn as You Go

Instant Feedback in Custom Practice

In customized practice mode, you benefit from immediate feedback on every question and access to detailed explanations for each answer. This approach not only saves time but also transforms your practice sessions into a highly effective learning experience, allowing you to absorb more information efficiently.

Post-Exam Reviews

Continuous Improvements

After submitting your practice exam, we'll schedule review sessions for concepts you're not yet familiar with, ensuring you can revisit and master them over time.

Detailed Results

Find Your Weak Points

We provide detailed information on how you performed during your exam session, giving you the opportunity to understand which domain you should focus on before your real exam

Unique sessions

Full Compliance

Every practice exam session offers a unique experience, thanks to our questions randomization algorithm. Regardless, the question domains and tasks remain fully compliant with the official exam specifications or align with your chosen exam scope in a customized practice setup.

Large database of questions

Based on official AWS exams

Over 20,000 verified questions to match those found in actual certification exams. This unmatched collection is accessible for free, supported by the customizable practice exam engine.