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Data recovery in AWS

Overview of AWS data recovery solutions.

Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, deleted or corrupted.

AWS offers a range of services and features to help with data recovery.


The following are key features and service related to data recovery in AWS.



EBS Snapshots for File and Volume Recovery


Utilize snapshots for restoring individual files/directories or entire EBS volumes. Snapshots can be attached to new instances for file access or used to create new volumes.



Instance Recovery Using AMIs


Create new instances from existing AMIs or restore stopped instances, leveraging AMIs as snapshots for the root and attached volumes.



Database Point-in-Time Restore


Services like Amazon RDS and DocumentDB offer point-in-time restore capabilities, usually within a 5-minute window.



Amazon S3 Versioning


Maintain multiple versions of objects in the same bucket for recovery from user errors or application issues.



Amazon RDS Backups


Utilize automated backups and database snapshots in RDS, with automated backups offering a 7-day recovery point and longer retention for snapshots.



AWS Backup Service


Centralize backup across various AWS services, supporting EBS, RDS, DynamoDB, EFS, and Storage Gateway.



AWS Storage Gateway


Backup on-premises data to AWS cloud storage seamlessly.



Disaster Recovery Strategies


Implement various DR strategies like backup and restore, pilot light, warm standby, and multi-site solutions.



Cross-Region Replication


Enable replication in different regions for Amazon S3 and other services for enhanced disaster recovery.



Incremental EBS Snapshots


Use these for efficient data restoration.



Snapshot Automation


Automate snapshot creation/deletion with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch for regular backup.



AWS Glacier for Long-Term Archival


Store data for extended periods at lower costs, with retrieval options as needed.



Data Encryption


Secure data with AWS's encryption features, ensuring safe recovery.



Monitoring and Alerts


Use CloudWatch and CloudTrail for activity monitoring and quick response to data loss events.



Regular Backup Testing


Frequently test backup and recovery procedures, including snapshot restoration and DR drills.





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REL09-BP04 Perform periodic recovery of the data to verify backup integrity and processes - Reliability Pillar