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Is AWS Certification worth it

Getting AWS certified is becoming a must have for anyone truly interested in working with AWS Cloud as a professional. There are 3 main reasons for that: requirements of AWS Partner program, learning process and your visibility on the market.

Become more valuable

Achieving AWS certifications is an essential step for companies aiming to become AWS Partners, a status that often leads to both direct and indirect financial benefits. Therefore, acquiring an AWS certification is advantageous, especially if you are working for or seeking employment with a company that is, or aspires to be, an AWS Partner.


Currently, there are over 100,000 partners, each of whom must consistently fulfill rigorous partnership criteria. In addition to an annual fee of approximately $2500, these companies are required to employ a certain number of staff, both in business and technical roles, who possess a requisite number of certifications. Additionally, they must maintain satisfactory customer relations with AWS clients throughout the partnership.


Since the most forward-thinking companies are already AWS Partners, others aim to recruit individuals with similar qualifications, including AWS certifications, to remain competitive in the marke



Become cloud competent

Preparing for an AWS certification exam requires extensive learning, even for seasoned professionals. These exams are widely regarded as challenging, primarily due to their broad scope. Depending on the level of difficulty, an exam may cover more than 100 services in detail.


The AWS certification exams assess more than just factual knowledge. They also test skills in comprehension, deduction, time management, and the ability to maintain focus over extended periods. Additionally, achieving a minimum score of 70-80% correct answers is necessary for passing (depends on the certification).

The inherent difficulty of these exams enhances the value of the certification in the market. 



Become more visible

Adding information about passed AWS certifications on Linkedin will start getting your profile into more search results. Statistically this should substantially increase your chance to be noticed and contacted. Remember to fill out the credential URL input that enables others to instantly validate the cert authenticity.


Including your completed AWS certifications on your LinkedIn profile can significantly boost your visibility in search results. This statistical increase in exposure is likely to enhance your chances of being noticed and approached by others. It's important to provide the AWS credential URL, allowing others to instantly verify the authenticity of your certification.


AWS also offers virtual badges, ideal for social media, resumes, or email signatures, to showcase your expertise. These hexagonal badges, featuring eye-catching and recognizable AWS logos, can add an interesting visual element to your communications.



Is it worth for me?

The impact varies depending on which of the 13 AWS certifications you pursue, as each opens the door to different opportunities, with some overlap. While obtaining a certification doesn't guarantee your dream job, it's challenging to find a better investment in terms of both time and money that offers as much potential benefit for beginners.