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What does Cloud Services Hub do?


Cloud Services Hub is a tool that provides comprehensive data about all AWS Cloud Services in one place. Any service can be easily looked up using a search engine. The provided data focuses on short and long service descriptions, key features, use cases, integrations with other AWS services, and pricing models, without lengthy and marketing-focused text, grasping the essence of each service.


Short and Long Service Descriptions


Each service is described by one short sentence capturing its essence. For those needing a more elaborate description, there is a longer text that elaborates on the service.



Key Service Features


There is a comprehensive list of key features with short, essential descriptions for instant understanding and fast reading of every service.



Service Use Cases


List of its use cases, helping to understand how professionals and communities can use them in projects and different environments.





This section lists other services from the same cloud provider that can be natively or easily integrated with the described service.



Pricing Models


There are no truly free services. We cover all possible pricing models for any service.