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Amazon Braket

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service that facilitates the development, testing, and running of quantum algorithms on simulated quantum computers as well as actual quantum hardware through a single interface.

Key Amazon Braket Features

Amazon Braket facilitates quantum computing through a development environment for algorithms, access to various quantum hardware, support for hybrid quantum-classical computations, managed simulation services, an integrated programming environment, and a marketplace for quantum algorithms.

Amazon Braket Use Cases

Amazon Braket enables groundbreaking quantum computing research, educational activities, advances in drug discovery and materials science, sophisticated financial modeling, and optimizations in supply chain management.

Services Amazon Braket integrates with

Amazon Braket pricing models

Amazon Braket pricing models include charges for simulator usage based on execution time, QPU usage depending on quantum hardware, and hourly rates for managed notebook instances.