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Amazon Forecast

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is Amazon Forecast

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed machine learning service that uses time-series data to make highly accurate forecasts, enabling developers and businesses to predict future trends, demand, and behaviors.

Key Amazon Forecast Features

Amazon Forecast leverages AutoML, a suite of built-in algorithms, and data preprocessing for accurate time series forecasting, offers customizable forecast horizons, detailed accuracy metrics, scalability, and easy integration with AWS services, all within a secure environment.

Amazon Forecast Use Cases

Amazon Forecast is leveraged for predicting retail demand, energy consumption, workforce requirements, and financial market trends, aiding in optimized inventory management, efficient energy distribution, effective staffing, and informed financial decision-making.

Services Amazon Forecast integrates with

Amazon Forecast pricing models

Amazon Forecast employs an on-demand pricing model based on the number of forecast units generated, with a free tier for new users that includes 10,000 forecast units per month for the first two months.