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Amazon FSx

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is Amazon FSx

Amazon FSx provides fully managed file storage solutions, including FSx for Windows File Server for Microsoft Windows-based applications, FSx for Lustre for high-performance computing applications, and FSx for OpenZFS and FSx for NetApp ONTAP for POSIX-compliant file systems, all offering seamless integration, high reliability, and scalability.

Key Amazon FSx Features

Amazon FSx is a fully managed and scalable file storage service, offering multiple file system options like Lustre, Windows File Server, and NetApp ONTAP, integrated with the AWS ecosystem, ensuring high performance, data protection, and seamless compatibility for a variety of application needs.

Amazon FSx Use Cases

Amazon FSx serves a broad range of use cases across different industry sectors by providing high-performance computing for large-scale data processing, scalable and reliable enterprise file storage, simplified data sharing across environments, rapid machine learning model development, and secure data archiving.

Services Amazon FSx integrates with

Amazon FSx pricing models

Amazon FSx pricing varies by service type (Windows File Server, Lustre, NetApp ONTAP, OpenZFS) and is based on storage capacity (SSD/HDD), throughput capacity, backup storage, and data transfer costs, with additional features potentially affecting costs.