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Amazon S3 Glacier

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is Amazon S3 Glacier

Amazon S3 Glacier is a secure, low-cost cloud storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed for data archiving and long-term backup, offering highly durable storage with retrieval times ranging from minutes to hours.

Key Amazon S3 Glacier Features

Amazon S3 Glacier provides secure, scalable, and cost-effective storage for data archiving and backup, with flexible retrieval options and high durability, designed for long-term data storage.

Amazon S3 Glacier Use Cases

Amazon S3 Glacier offers a cost-effective and durable solution for long-term data archiving, digital media preservation, disaster recovery, big data analytics, and research data preservation, providing secure storage for data that requires infrequent access.

Services Amazon S3 Glacier integrates with

Amazon S3 Glacier pricing models

Amazon S3 Glacier offers a comprehensive pricing model based on per-GB storage fees, data retrieval costs varying by speed, data transfer out fees, and charges for the number of requests.