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Amazon Timestream

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is Amazon Timestream

Amazon Timestream is a fully managed, serverless time series database service designed for high-performance analysis of time-series data, optimized for IoT and operational applications.

Key Amazon Timestream Features

Amazon Timestream is a serverless, scalable, cost-effective time series database offering real-time analytics and easy integration with tools, designed with built-in query functionality for comprehensive data analysis.

Amazon Timestream Use Cases

Amazon Timestream is utilized for real-time IoT device monitoring, application performance monitoring, log analytics, financial data analysis, and energy consumption analysis, leveraging its time-series database capabilities to optimize operations and decision-making across various industries.

Services Amazon Timestream integrates with

Amazon Timestream pricing models

Amazon Timestream pricing includes charges for data write and storage, query processing based on the volume of data scanned, and data transfer fees for moving data outside the platform.