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Amazon VPC

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a service that allows users to launch AWS resources in a logically isolated virtual network that they can define and control, including IP address ranges, subnets, route tables, and gateways.

Key Amazon VPC Features

Amazon VPC offers a secure and isolated network that is customizable, supports multiple connectivity options, includes robust security controls, and is designed for ease of use.

Amazon VPC Use Cases

Amazon VPC use cases include hosting secure and scalable web applications, extending on-premise networks to the cloud, enabling disaster recovery strategies, and facilitating development and testing environments.

Services Amazon VPC integrates with

Amazon VPC pricing models

Amazon VPC pricing models include charges for data transfer, VPC Endpoints, NAT Gateways, Elastic IPs, and VPN connections, focusing on resource usage, data volume, and the types of endpoints and connections.