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AWS AppConfig

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS AppConfig

AWS AppConfig is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that allows developers to manage, deploy, and dynamically update application configurations without affecting the application's performance or risking downtime.

Key AWS AppConfig Features

AWS AppConfig facilitates the management and deployment of application configurations across various environments, ensuring configurations are validated and errors minimized with gradual deployment, while offering integration with other AWS services and detailed monitoring and analytics.

AWS AppConfig Use Cases

AWS AppConfig is utilized for managing feature flags for progressive rollouts, dynamically updating application configurations, tuning applications for optimization, managing configurations across multiple environments, and quickly disabling features in emergency scenarios.

Services AWS AppConfig integrates with

AWS AppConfig pricing models

AWS AppConfig pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model for configuration data evaluations, storage, and optional hosted configuration versions, including a Free Tier offering for starting users.