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AWS AppSync

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a managed service from Amazon Web Services that allows developers to build scalable applications by providing a flexible, secure, and scalable GraphQL API for seamlessly connecting applications to data sources like AWS DynamoDB, Lambda, and more.

Key AWS AppSync Features

AWS AppSync is a managed service that allows developers to easily build scalable applications by offering real-time data synchronization, offline data access, and data query capabilities using GraphQL.

AWS AppSync Use Cases

AWS AppSync enables real-time data synchronization for mobile and web applications, supporting diverse use cases such as collaborative apps, real-time notifications, and dynamic offline experiences.

Services AWS AppSync integrates with

AWS AppSync pricing models

AWS AppSync pricing is based on the number of query and data modification operations, real-time updates via subscriptions, and data transfer out, with rates varying by region and no upfront commitments or fees.