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AWS Artifact

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Artifact

AWS Artifact is a web service that provides on-demand access to AWS compliance documentation and AWS agreements, enabling users to easily download and accept agreements and manage compliance-related resources.

Key AWS Artifact Features

AWS Artifact features include on-demand access to a wide range of AWS compliance reports, a centralized platform for managing legal and compliance agreements with AWS, and a unified dashboard for easy management and visibility of AWS compliance documentation.

AWS Artifact Use Cases

AWS Artifact offers a repertoire of use cases including Compliance Reporting, Agreement Management, and enhancing Security Assurance by providing on-demand access to AWS's compliance documents, enabling customers to meet their compliance and regulatory requirements, manage agreements, and secure their AWS workloads.

Services AWS Artifact integrates with

AWS Artifact pricing models

AWS Artifact is a free service that offers access to AWS’ security and compliance documentation without any direct costs.