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AWS Auto Scaling

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Auto Scaling is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that automatically adjusts the number of computing resources in response to demand, ensuring that your application maintains consistent performance at the lowest possible cost.

Key AWS Auto Scaling Features

AWS Auto Scaling dynamically adjusts resources in real-time, optimizes costs, provides a unified interface for scalable AWS services, integrates health checks for reliability, and employs predictive scaling for anticipating demand.

AWS Auto Scaling Use Cases

AWS Auto Scaling use cases include handling unpredictable workloads, reducing costs by scaling down during low usage, maintaining application performance, ensuring high performance during traffic spikes, and scheduling scaling for known load patterns.

Services AWS Auto Scaling integrates with

AWS Auto Scaling pricing models

AWS Auto Scaling pricing follows a pay-as-you-go model with no extra charges for the Auto Scaling service itself; costs are based solely on the resources provisioned to meet application demand.