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AWS Budgets

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that enables users to set custom budget limits for their AWS costs and usage, allowing for alerts and actions based on specified thresholds.

Key AWS Budgets Features

AWS Budgets allows users to set custom budgetary controls and alerts for AWS costs and usage, tracking real-time spending and usage metrics to ensure adherence to financial planning and constraints.

AWS Budgets Use Cases

AWS Budgets is used for monitoring cloud costs and usage, setting budgetary controls and alerts to manage expenses and ensure adherence to financial and operational objectives.

Services AWS Budgets integrates with

AWS Budgets pricing models

AWS Budgets offers two pricing models: a free tier including 62 budget days and 2.000.000 email notifications per month, and a paid tier that charges $0.02 per day per budget for more than 62 budgets and $0.10 per thousand email notifications beyond the included quota.