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AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that simplifies the creation, management, and deployment of SSL/TLS certificates for use with AWS services and your internal connected resources.

Key AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Features

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) simplifies the provisioning, management, and deployment of SSL/TLS certificates for AWS-managed resources, automates certificate renewal, integrates with AWS services, supports centralized management and the import of existing certificates, offers a private CA for issuing certificates, and supports multiple domain names.

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Use Cases

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is primarily used for provisioning, managing, and deploying SSL/TLS certificates for Amazon CloudFront distributions, ELBs, AWS integrated services, and automating certificate renewals, thereby simplifying security and encryption tasks across AWS resources.

Services AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) integrates with

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) pricing models

ACM provides free public SSL/TLS certificates, charges monthly for private certificates based on the region, and does not incur direct data transfer costs though related service costs apply.