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AWS Cloud Map

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Cloud Map

AWS Cloud Map is a cloud resource discovery service that allows developers to define custom names for their application resources, and it keeps track of the changing locations of these dynamically changing resources, making it easier to discover and connect to them in a cloud environment.

Key AWS Cloud Map Features

AWS Cloud Map offers automatic service discovery, customizable naming for resources, health status monitoring, seamless integration with AWS services, and facilitates application recovery by rerouting traffic to healthy endpoints.

AWS Cloud Map Use Cases

AWS Cloud Map is utilized for seamless service discovery in microservices architectures, easing application migrations to the cloud through service registry, enabling dynamic load balancing by health status, and ensuring high availability with health check monitoring.

Services AWS Cloud Map integrates with

AWS Cloud Map pricing models

AWS Cloud Map pricing includes request-based charges for each service discovery and namespace request, and resource-based pricing for configured health checks.