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AWS CloudTrail

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a service that provides a comprehensive log of user activity and API usage across the AWS infrastructure, enabling security monitoring, compliance auditing, and operational troubleshooting.

Key AWS CloudTrail Features

AWS CloudTrail offers comprehensive event history, customizable event logging, continuous monitoring, multi-region tracking, and deep integration with AWS services for enhanced audit, compliance, and security management.

AWS CloudTrail Use Cases

AWS CloudTrail is utilized for compliance auditing, security analysis, resource lifecycle tracking, and operational troubleshooting, by logging actions taken in your AWS environment.

Services AWS CloudTrail integrates with

AWS CloudTrail pricing models

AWS CloudTrail pricing includes a free tier for event history and some management events; beyond that, it charges for management, data, and insights events, as well as usage for CloudTrail Lake based on data storage and query bytes scanned.