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AWS CodeCommit

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a secure, highly scalable, managed source control service hosted by Amazon Web Services that makes it easy for teams to collaboratively manage and store their code repositories in the cloud.

Key AWS CodeCommit Features

AWS CodeCommit is a secure, scalable, and fully managed source control service that supports private Git repositories, facilitates team collaboration through pull requests and code reviews, and integrates with AWS IAM for access management.

AWS CodeCommit Use Cases

AWS CodeCommit is used for secure source control in development projects, automating build and deployment pipelines, facilitating collaboration and code review, securely storing source code, and integrating with third-party development tools.

Services AWS CodeCommit integrates with

AWS CodeCommit pricing models

AWS CodeCommit pricing includes a free tier for up to 5 users with unlimited repositories, and a standard pricing of $1 per additional active user, with charges for extra storage and Git requests beyond free tier limits.