AWS Copilot

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Copilot

AWS Copilot is a command line interface tool that simplifies deploying and managing containerized applications on AWS, specifically on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, by automating the setup and management processes.

Key AWS Copilot Features

AWS Copilot offers a simplified service deployment on AWS infrastructure, comprehensive application lifecycle management, integrated development environment support, efficient environment and configuration management, seamless service discovery and networking, along with monitoring and logging capabilities.

AWS Copilot Use Cases

AWS Copilot use cases include deploying microservices, setting up CI/CD pipelines, integrating databases and add-ons, managing environments and configurations, and automating service discovery and load balancing.

Services AWS Copilot integrates with

AWS Copilot pricing models

AWS Copilot itself is free, but users pay for the AWS services consumed by the applications deployed with it, such as ECS, Fargate, and any other used AWS service.