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AWS DeepComposer

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS DeepComposer

AWS DeepComposer is a machine learning-driven keyboard developed by Amazon Web Services designed to enable developers and enthusiasts to explore and experiment with generative AI algorithms to create original music.

Key AWS DeepComposer Features

AWS DeepComposer is a creative tool for developers to explore Generative AI, offering pre-trained and custom model training, music education, seamless AWS integrations, and community challenges for innovative musical composition.

AWS DeepComposer Use Cases

AWS DeepComposer serves various roles, from creating new music genres, serving as an educational tool in music theory, prototyping soundtracks for media projects, to facilitating music exploration and discovery through its machine learning capabilities.

Services AWS DeepComposer integrates with

AWS DeepComposer pricing models

AWS DeepComposer employs a pricing model that includes charges for the time spent using the virtual keyboard or MIDI controller, along with separate fees for training models and generating music.