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AWS DeepLens

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS DeepLens

AWS DeepLens is a fully programmable video camera designed to teach and use deep learning models to run real-time computer vision projects directly on the device.

Key AWS DeepLens Features

AWS DeepLens is a fully programmable video camera with pre-installed deep learning models, high-performance computing, and seamless integration with AWS services, designed for developers to easily learn and experiment with deep learning.

AWS DeepLens Use Cases

AWS DeepLens is versatile in applications ranging from real-time object detection, security through facial recognition, quality control in manufacturing, to educational purposes and agricultural monitoring, showcasing its broad applicability in various industries.

Services AWS DeepLens integrates with

AWS DeepLens pricing models

AWS DeepLens pricing includes an upfront cost for the device and variable costs for additional AWS services used with DeepLens.