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AWS Device Farm

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is a cloud-based service that allows developers to test and interact with their mobile and web applications on real devices, enabling them to catch issues before launch by providing an extensive range of physical devices for testing.

Key AWS Device Farm Features

AWS Device Farm facilitates cross-platform application testing on a range of real devices and browsers, supports both automated and manual testing, easily integrates with CI/CD pipelines, offers the creation of private device fleets, and provides comprehensive metrics and reports to streamline the testing process.

AWS Device Farm Use Cases

AWS Device Farm supports automated and manual testing of mobile and web applications across a diverse array of devices, enables real-world scenario simulations, integrates with CI/CD pipelines for automated testing, and offers scalability in testing efforts.

Services AWS Device Farm integrates with

AWS Device Farm pricing models

AWS Device Farm offers a Pay as You Go model for flexible usage and an Unlimited Testing model for extensive testing needs.