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AWS Direct Connect

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service from Amazon Web Services that provides a dedicated network connection from an on-premises network to AWS infrastructure, allowing for reduced network costs, increased bandwidth throughput, and a more consistent network experience compared to internet-based connections.

Key AWS Direct Connect Features

AWS Direct Connect offers private connectivity to Amazon VPC, reduces bandwidth costs, provides consistent network performance, supports hybrid environments, is scalable, and enhances security by bypassing the internet.

AWS Direct Connect Use Cases

AWS Direct Connect is utilized for integrating hybrid environments, ensuring consistent network performance, facilitating large-scale data transfers and migrations, and enhancing backup and disaster recovery strategies through high-speed, secure, and direct cloud connections.

Services AWS Direct Connect integrates with

AWS Direct Connect pricing models

AWS Direct Connect uses a pricing model based on port hours depending on connection speed, tiered outbound data transfer rates, and free inbound data transfer.