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AWS Directory Service

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service is a managed service provided by Amazon Web Services that allows users to connect AWS resources with an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory or to set up and operate a new, fully managed directory in the AWS Cloud.

Key AWS Directory Service Features

AWS Directory Service offers seamless integration with AWS services, flexible directory choices, a managed service for reduced administrative overhead, scalability, top-tier security and compliance features, and simplified administration tools and dashboards.

AWS Directory Service Use Cases

AWS Directory Service facilitates secure access management by enabling SSO setup, managing Windows-based workloads, connecting to RDS for SQL Server, integrating with hybrid environments via Managed Microsoft AD, and securing access to Amazon EC2 instances.

Services AWS Directory Service integrates with

AWS Directory Service pricing models

AWS Directory Service pricing varies by service type (AWS Managed Microsoft AD, AD Connector, Simple AD) and includes charges based on size/edition and usage, with additional data transfer fees where applicable.