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AWS IoT Greengrass

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengrass is a software that extends cloud capabilities to local devices, enabling them to collect and analyze data closer to the source of information, while also allowing them to securely execute locally generated data and commands through AWS Lambda functions and manage data synchronization with the AWS cloud.

Key AWS IoT Greengrass Features

AWS IoT Greengrass enhances IoT applications by enabling local data processing, secure device communication, and edge machine learning capabilities, along with integrated device management and easy integration with AWS cloud services.

AWS IoT Greengrass Use Cases

AWS IoT Greengrass enables smart agriculture, industrial automation, smart home enhancements, healthcare monitoring, and energy management through real-time, local data processing and decision-making.

Services AWS IoT Greengrass integrates with

AWS IoT Greengrass pricing models

AWS IoT Greengrass uses a pay-as-you-go model with an additional Free Tier for new users, charging based on devices connected and data processed by Lambda functions.