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AWS IoT SiteWise

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS IoT SiteWise

AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that simplifies the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing industrial equipment data to help improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Key AWS IoT SiteWise Features

AWS IoT SiteWise offers asset modeling, data collection/monitoring, edge computing, a built-in time series database, integration with AWS services, alerts/alarms functionality, and robust access control for comprehensive management of industrial operations and data.

AWS IoT SiteWise Use Cases

AWS IoT SiteWise is leveraged for real-time monitoring of industrial equipment, energy consumption analysis, quality assurance in manufacturing, and facility management for space optimization and energy management.

Services AWS IoT SiteWise integrates with

AWS IoT SiteWise pricing models

AWS IoT SiteWise pricing involves charges for metered data processing, data storage, and data transfer out to the internet, with each aspect calculated based on the volume of data processed, stored, or transferred.