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AWS IoT Things Graph

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS IoT Things Graph

AWS IoT Things Graph is a service that enables developers to visually connect different devices and web services to build IoT applications through a drag-and-drop interface, without requiring code to manage the underlying interactions and data flow.

Key AWS IoT Things Graph Features

AWS IoT Things Graph offers a visual workflow design for easy IoT application development, prebuilt models for rapid prototyping, seamless integration of diverse devices and services, deployment flexibility to the cloud or edge, and an intuitive flow-based programming model.

AWS IoT Things Graph Use Cases

AWS IoT Things Graph enables the automation and integration of devices across various sectors, including smart home automation, industrial monitoring, agricultural management, healthcare monitoring, and supply chain optimization, to improve efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Services AWS IoT Things Graph integrates with

AWS IoT Things Graph pricing models

AWS IoT Things Graph pricing mainly revolves around the number of steps executed in flow executions, with potential additional costs for data storage and transfer, subject to a free tier for new users.