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What is AWS IQ

AWS IQ is a platform that connects clients with certified AWS experts and consulting firms to help them find, collaborate, and securely pay for cloud-based projects and solutions on Amazon Web Services.

Key AWS IQ Features

AWS IQ offers a platform connecting clients with AWS Certified experts for on-demand expertise, featuring custom project proposals, secure collaboration, and direct AWS integration for efficient project execution.

AWS IQ Use Cases

AWS IQ connects businesses with AWS-certified freelancers for scaling web infrastructures, securing data migration, building serverless applications, implementing AI/ML models, and planning disaster recovery, facilitating specialized projects and operational efficiency.

Services AWS IQ integrates with

AWS IQ pricing models

AWS IQ's pricing involves a pay-as-you-go system for expert services, with costs negotiated directly between customers and experts, and can be based on hourly rates or fixed project fees; AWS service costs are billed separately.