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AWS Lambda

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service provided by Amazon Web Services that allows developers to run code in response to events without provisioning or managing servers.

Key AWS Lambda Features

AWS Lambda provides automatic scaling, serverless execution, subsecond metering, built-in fault tolerance, event-driven architecture, and support for multiple programming languages, enabling efficient and cost-effective application development and deployment.

AWS Lambda Use Cases

AWS Lambda use cases span real-time file processing, serverless APIs, data transformation, stream processing, automated tasks, and IoT backend services, showcasing its versatility and efficiency in handling a wide range of serverless computing tasks.

Services AWS Lambda integrates with

AWS Lambda pricing models

AWS Lambda pricing is based on the number of requests and the compute duration in GB-s, with costs calculated per 1 million requests and based on the allocated memory and execution time.