AWS Launch Wizard

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Launch Wizard

AWS Launch Wizard is a service that provides a guided interface to simplify the deployment of applications, databases, and SAP systems on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, by automating the sizing, configuration, and resource provisioning based on best practices.

Key AWS Launch Wizard Features

AWS Launch Wizard simplifies deployments through a guided interface, incorporates AWS best practices, provides cost estimates, offers application-specific templates, and automates resource provisioning.

AWS Launch Wizard Use Cases

AWS Launch Wizard streamlines the deployment of SAP environments, establishes SQL Server HA/DR setups, simplifies Active Directory deployments, and accelerates the launch of application stacks, leveraging AWS best practices for optimal configuration and scalability.

Services AWS Launch Wizard integrates with

AWS Launch Wizard pricing models

AWS Launch Wizard operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing model, charging users only for the AWS resources utilized by their applications, with no upfront costs or additional fees for the Launch Wizard service itself.