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AWS Local Zones

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Local Zones

AWS Local Zones are extensions of AWS regions that place compute, storage, database, and other select AWS services closer to end-users, providing single-digit millisecond latencies to applications and thereby enhancing user experience for latency-sensitive applications.

Key AWS Local Zones Features

AWS Local Zones deliver single-digit millisecond latency, extend AWS services closer to end-users, support hybrid environments, are geographically distributed for optimal performance, and simplify deployment for applications requiring high-performance computing.

AWS Local Zones Use Cases

AWS Local Zones are leveraged for low-latency content delivery, hybrid applications integration, gaming and interactive applications, real-time data processing, and supporting edge computing workloads by bringing AWS services closer to end-users and data sources.

Services AWS Local Zones integrates with

AWS Local Zones pricing models

AWS Local Zones employ a per-service pricing model, complemented by tiered data transfer fees.