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AWS Migration Hub

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that allows users to track the progress of their applications' migration to AWS, providing a central location to monitor and manage migration tasks across multiple AWS and partner solutions.

Key AWS Migration Hub Features

AWS Migration Hub streamlines the migration process by providing centralized tracking, discovery and assessment tools, migration and modernization support, automated workflows, customizable dashboards, and ensures security and compliance standards.

AWS Migration Hub Use Cases

AWS Migration Hub facilitates data center consolidation, application modernization, disaster recovery, database migrations, and compliance and data governance by providing tools and a centralized console to plan, execute, and monitor migrations to the cloud.

Services AWS Migration Hub integrates with

AWS Migration Hub pricing models

AWS Migration Hub adopts a pay-per-use pricing model with no upfront costs, charging for specific services used within the hub and additional costs for integrated AWS services based on their individual pricing structures.