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AWS Network Firewall

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Network Firewall

AWS Network Firewall is a managed service provided by Amazon Web Services that enables users to deploy essential network protections such as stateful firewall rules, intrusion detection and prevention, and web filtering within their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments.

Key AWS Network Firewall Features

AWS Network Firewall offers stateful traffic inspection, customizable rule groups for traffic control, seamless integration with AWS services, automatic scalability with high availability, and extensive monitoring and logging capabilities.

AWS Network Firewall Use Cases

AWS Network Firewall serves diverse purposes, including protecting against common network threats, implementing network segmentation, securing Direct Connect and VPN connections, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and centralizing network security management.

Services AWS Network Firewall integrates with

AWS Network Firewall pricing models

AWS Network Firewall pricing includes pay-as-you-go for deployment hours and data processed, with additional charges for optional features.