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AWS Proton

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Proton

AWS Proton is a fully managed application delivery service from Amazon Web Services designed to automate and manage the provisioning, deployment, and monitoring of serverless and container-based applications, facilitating the adoption of microservices architecture with less effort.

Key AWS Proton Features

AWS Proton streamlines automated provisioning, ensures consistent deployment across environments, integrates with CI/CD, offers ready-to-use templates, simplifies microservice management, and empowers teams with self-service infrastructure capabilities.

AWS Proton Use Cases

AWS Proton streamlines the deployment and management of containerized and serverless applications, standardizes infrastructure provisioning, centralizes monitoring and governance, and facilitates DevOps and Agile processes, empowering teams to innovate more rapidly.

Services AWS Proton integrates with

AWS Proton pricing models

AWS Proton provides a free tier and adopts a pay-as-you-go model where costs are based on the underlying AWS services used, without additional fees for using Proton.