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AWS RoboMaker

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS RoboMaker

AWS RoboMaker is a cloud service that provides a development environment for robotics developers to build, simulate, and deploy robotics applications at scale.

Key AWS RoboMaker Features

AWS RoboMaker is a comprehensive service that streamlines robotics application development through a cloud-based IDE, scalable simulations, fleet management, ROS support, machine learning integration, and robust security features.

AWS RoboMaker Use Cases

AWS RoboMaker facilitates the development, testing, and deployment of robotics applications, offering capabilities for large-scale simulation, fleet management, reinforcement learning, and serving as a valuable resource for educational and research purposes.

Services AWS RoboMaker integrates with

AWS RoboMaker pricing models

AWS RoboMaker’s pricing is based on the simulation units used for simulations and the resources used for deploying robot applications.