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AWS Secrets Manager

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Secrets Manager is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that enables users to securely store, manage, and retrieve sensitive information such as API keys, passwords, and database credentials.

Key AWS Secrets Manager Features

AWS Secrets Manager offers secure storage, automated rotation, fine-grained access control, centralized management, cross-region and cross-account access, detailed auditing and monitoring, and extensive third-party integrations for managing sensitive secrets.

AWS Secrets Manager Use Cases

AWS Secrets Manager enables secure storage, rotation, and access of database credentials, API keys, and other secrets, integrates with AWS services for seamless operations, provides centralized management and detailed auditing, and supports third-party API key management.

Services AWS Secrets Manager integrates with

AWS Secrets Manager pricing models

AWS Secrets Manager pricing includes charges for stored secrets, API calls, secret replicas when cross-region replication is enabled, and data transfer fees for outbound data.