AWS Snow Family

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Snow Family

The AWS Snow Family is a collection of physical devices and services designed by Amazon Web Services to facilitate data migration and edge computing tasks by transferring large volumes of data into and out of the AWS cloud securely and efficiently, without relying solely on internet connectivity.

Key AWS Snow Family Features

The AWS Snow Family facilitates secure, offline data transfer and edge computing, offering devices for physical data transport, edge processing capabilities, and a scalable suite of solutions compliant with major standards.

AWS Snow Family Use Cases

AWS Snow Family supports large-scale data migration, data center decommission, edge computing, content distribution, and disaster recovery by securely and efficiently moving large volumes of data into and out of AWS.

Services AWS Snow Family integrates with

AWS Snow Family pricing models

AWS Snow Family pricing consists of service fees per job, additional day charges beyond initial period, data transfer fees with some exemptions, and lost device fees, with Snowmobile pricing being quote-based for large data transfers.