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AWS Storage Gateway

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that enables on-premises applications to seamlessly use AWS cloud storage for backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and cloud data processing by providing storage interfaces such as file, volume, and tape.

Key AWS Storage Gateway Features

AWS Storage Gateway facilitates hybrid cloud storage by offering seamless integration, multiple storage types, data security, efficient data transfer, local caching, and ease of management, thus bridging on-premises and cloud storage solutions efficiently.

AWS Storage Gateway Use Cases

AWS Storage Gateway unlocks hybrid cloud storage, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data archive, and tiered storage solutions, enabling seamless and cost-effective data management across on-premises and cloud environments.

Services AWS Storage Gateway integrates with

AWS Storage Gateway pricing models

AWS Storage Gateway pricing varies by gateway type; Volume Gateway is charged by data stored and requests, Tape Gateway fees are for virtual tape storage and retrievals, and File Gateway costs depend on S3 storage use, requests, and data outs.