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AWS Trusted Advisor

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor is an online tool that provides real-time guidance to help users optimize their Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for cost, performance, security, and fault tolerance by scanning their environment and offering recommendations based on best practices.

Key AWS Trusted Advisor Features

AWS Trusted Advisor provides recommendations for cost optimization, performance improvement, security enhancement, fault tolerance, and service limit monitoring to optimize AWS environments.

AWS Trusted Advisor Use Cases

AWS Trusted Advisor offers a comprehensive set of checks covering cost optimization, performance improvements, security enhancements, fault tolerance improvement, and service limits monitoring to help users effectively manage their AWS resources and ensure best practices are followed.

Services AWS Trusted Advisor integrates with

AWS Trusted Advisor pricing models

AWS Trusted Advisor offers free Core checks to all customers, with full functionalities available to Business and Enterprise support plan holders, priced based on AWS usage.