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AWS Wavelength

Cloud Provider: AWS

What is AWS Wavelength

AWS Wavelength is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that enables developers to build applications that deliver ultra-low latency to mobile devices and end-users by deploying applications at the edge of the 5G network.

Key AWS Wavelength Features

AWS Wavelength facilitates ultra-low latency applications by extending AWS infrastructure to the edge of telecom networks, providing seamless access to cloud services closer to end-users.

AWS Wavelength Use Cases

AWS Wavelength facilitates low-latency mobile applications by enabling developers to deploy services closer to end-users on the 5G network, ideal for real-time gaming, live streaming, and augmented/virtual reality experiences.

Services AWS Wavelength integrates with

AWS Wavelength pricing models

AWS Wavelength pricing models typically involve charges based on the compute, storage, and data transfer resources utilized, adhering to a pay-as-you-go approach without upfront costs.